You can feel all the emotion that Julianna pours into her songs...This push and pull gives the record a real sense of rawness...
— Purple Melon Music

Hello friends, Julianna here.

Rather than write in the 3rd person, I figured I would just address you in the first. I am doing this so I can connect to you, human to human, but mostly I am doing this because it makes me feel less awkward.

So here is me doing my best. Just skip over the parts you don’t like.

I have been raised by many cities and many families. My hometown is Sacramento, California, in a suburb by the airport, where I first began my journey as a young writer in my family home. I taught myself the instruments that interested me and wrote songs on those instruments that interested me which I showcased at various talent shows throughout middle and high school. Then I moved to Nashville at the age of 18 to get a big-kid degree in songwriting (go Bruins!). In those first years I got my heart broken a couple of times and experienced the first throes of adulthood in response to which I wrote most all the tracks for Meanwhile. In late 2015 I recorded those songs over a period of about 4 months in a long string of overnight sessions (that is when we had the perk time) and all-day studio campouts.


Then I went abroad to St. Andrews, Scotland to study theology for the first half of 2016 where I ended up making friends with a drummer in town (thanks Andrew!) with whom I recorded the aptly titled project Away From Home. Then it was back to Nashville to graduate from university, scoop countless cones of ice cream, and self-release that one record I wrote before I left the country. I gained a lot of truths and lost a lot of untruths and worked hard at accomplishing both those things.

And now here I am in the present day. Still kicking the can. I just moved to southern California where I am writing and demoing the next record. I hope that what I create over here is as good as I feel it’s going to be. I am very excited for what is to come.

Thats all for now.

Be good and have fun.



photo by Charles Myers